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2014-02-02, 11:32
It gives me great honor to share my testimonial with anyone considering using Photo Restoration. I submitted a picture of my great great grandmother. her photo was damaged and lacked having a mouth. This picture has been accepted in our family in this condition for over 50 years. Every family member had one like it. I decided to take on the assignment of getting my great great grandmother's pictured repaired. With great amaze I submitted to Photo restoration and when they fixed it I was overjoyed and emotionally happy that this company not only fixed this photo with excellent service, but they also restored a peace within my family. Now being able to see a smile on a faded picture that didn't have one. Photo restoration provides, fast, safe, outstanding service and their prices are reasonable. I highly recommend them above any restoration photography. You will not only get good service and your money's worth. You will re-live the beautiful memory of your love one in in the photo , because it was repaired with expertise and genuine care. I will always use their service and you should too.
2013-12-18, 06:32
I would love to recommended Photo-restore.net. I wanted some pics of my wife and her parents restored form the 1970’s and 60’s for Christmas. They were very quick and professional and great work with. I will be using them for my father’s military pics very soon for his birthday. Very professional and quick
AZ Photo
2013-11-23, 22:19
We were really pleasantly suprised during cooperation with
Photo-Restore Service! The main things we want to recommend are:
- very fast and prompt communication,
- very reasonable prices and what is the most important for us -
incredible good workmanship.
Thank you a lot!
2013-08-27, 21:06
Hi there!
I'm very happy with the service providing by Photo-Restore!
I can recommend them without hesitation. I just received my
restored photos and it was beyond all expectations because
almost all my old photos was heavy damaged! I have no doubts, that I use you again. I will also be telling others about you.
Mary Whitaker
2013-07-28, 12:14
Your service is extremely professional. I am very pleased with the work you have done for me. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs photo restoration. Thank you so much.
2013-06-28, 11:50
Thank you again for restoring my photo! Restored photo was only picture of my grandfather. I had no idea that picture in so bad condition can look so good after restoration! You really concern for the quality of service!